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Car Loans Without Increase – Where Can We Find Them?

Car loans with no increase – ie with zero interest rate – are provided by car bazaars and authorized dealers. In general, a car loan without an increase is a good credit product, and it pays more than a cash purchase – people get a car without their own money and can repay the car in lower installments spread over several years.

They do not have to worry about comparing interest and APRC because these rates are zero. Even if the driver buys the car in installments, he does not pay anything extra.

Beware of debtors’ registers

Beware of debtors

When applying for a loan, authorized dealers or used car dealers send documents to assess the creditworthiness of their customers to credit companies. Among other things, they look at the registers of debtors, from which they learn the current indebtedness of clients. They are able to immediately communicate the result of the application to car dealers.

(Candidates with problem registers are unlikely to succeed at this point, but try to apply for one of the loans without registers. However, these loans are subject to relatively high interest and fees).

Where do they provide zero interest car loans?

Where do they provide zero interest car loans?

  • The interest-free loan is offered by large car players on the Czech market. Triple Auto itself states that the interest-free loan is their most popular loan and is provided by their financial partners. The installments are adjusted to the family budget and the candidate immediately becomes the owner of the car. Only two documents are required.
  • Nor does Mefa Auto remain behind. This company also offers its clients loans with repayments without any increase and clients pay only a low down payment, which is an initial deposit. The company will handle the entire loan including the necessary formalities.
  • It is also worth mentioning Curo, which brings the Curo Plus program. It is a loan with no increase or with subsidized interest. Depending on how customers set their repayments and the duration of their financing, they can earn an annual interest rate of 0.0% per annum.

Possible car rental risks without any increase

Possible car rental risks without any increase

Despite the zero interest rate, this type of car loan can sometimes become more expensive – the contract may include relatively expensive accident insurance or various hidden fees. It is therefore worthwhile to carefully study the terms of the contract and, if necessary, consult the contract with an expert.

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