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Does Sweden need quick loans and what happens without fast loans?

There have long been many shared opinions on loans in general and especially on so-called quick loans or sms loans. They have been in the market for a relatively long time and are nothing new, but with increased advertising for them and the simplicity of getting a loan granted, the criticism has grown.

It has gone so far that the government stepped in and legislated on high-risk loans and further regulated the market.

Many thought this was necessary, while others thought it could easily lead to other unpredictable situations where people receive other types of debt that the law did not foresee due to these limitations. As with everything, there will always be those who like both good and bad about fast loans.

Unfortunately, it is often easy to just see the negative sides if you yourself do not need one. If you have never been in a situation where you desperately need a loan for something extremely important and simply do not have savings or the like, it is difficult to understand.


Why just fast loans

Why just fast loans

It is difficult to answer what society would look like if the fast loans had not existed. Certainly another solution had been found and unfortunately many times illegal as was the case when the predecessor to fast loans appeared in the United States during the 19th century.

There will always be those who need quick loans and then fast loans will be the perfect solution. That the car breaks down or the child who needs the computer for school work but it does not work is situations that you do not have control over. Should people be judged negatively because they need a loan for them?

Perhaps it is difficult for many to save as the salary simply is not enough. There is a large group of adults who have never been raised to create buffer savings and do not have that opportunity. Then it will be difficult to have a margin for certain situations.

On the other hand, there will always be those who do not know better or simply think they are immune to being indebted and taking out loans that they absolutely do not need or many times will not be able to repay.

In the past decade, simplicity has increased the proportion of debtors and has payment remarks. There are also many people who have some kind of dependency and cannot control themselves and then take out quick loans after quick loans without thinking about the consequences.


Larger private loans and get the greater debt if fast loans did not exist

private loans

Perhaps many of these would take larger private loans and get the greater debt if fast loans did not exist. It is difficult to judge whether some need to suffer for the mistakes of others. It’s like most things. In itself, fast loans are neither negative nor positive, it has to do with how it is used and what attitude people have to it.

Maybe the solution is right there. Maybe Sweden needs to be brought up to be able to handle fast loans and its existence. Just as with the regulation of alcohol where it is considered that it would be disastrous to ease the rules but in those countries where there are not as strict rules there are many times also not the same big problems.

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